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W.W. Norton & Company

Hard Cover

ISBN: 0-393-04680-X

One World/Ballantine Books

Trade Paperback

ISBN: 0-345-43793-4

Fawcett/Ballantine Books


ISBN : 0-345-44908-8
Meet Detective Charlotte Justice, a black woman in the very white, very male, and sometimes very hostile Los Angeles Police Department.  The time is 48 hours into the epochal L.A. riots and she and her fellow officers are exhausted.  She saves the curfew-breaking black doctor Lance Mitchell from a potentially lethal beating from some white officers only to discover nearby the body of one-time radical Cinque Lewis, a thug who years before had murdered her husband and daughter.  Was it a random shooting or was Mitchell responsible?  And what had brought Lewis back to a city he'd long since fled?

Charlotte's quest for the truth behind Cinque's death will set her at odds with the LAPD hierarchy, plunge her into the intricacies of everything from L.A.'s gang-banging politics to its black blue-bloods, and lead her into deep emotional waters with Mitchell's partner (and her old flame), Dr. Aubrey Scott.

Inner City Blues won the Macavity Award for Best First Mystery, was named Best First Novel by the Black Caucus of the American Library Association , and was a nominee for the Edgar and Anthony awards for best first mystery novel.
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