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From the L.A. Times:

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From Publishers Weekly:

In Woods's searing fourth Charlotte Justice novel (after 2003's Dirty Laundry), the troubled, hot-tempered LAPD detective looks into an attack on politically connected Chuck Zuccari, the elderly head of a successful toy company; his pregnant young wife, Alma; and their business associates, intellectual African-American Muslims Malik and Habiba Shareef. It's a complicated case: Zuccari's dysfunctional family and business are rife with infighting; his company is being defrauded; the FBI is investigating the too squeaky-clean Shareefs. Meanwhile, Charlotte wrestles with professional demands, racial and gender prejudice, and her interfering lover, Dr. Aubrey Scott, and family. Set in 1993, this multilayered novel may at first confuse new readers with its many plot threads and characters from previous books in the series, but all will appreciate its stunning conclusion as well as its rich portrait of LAPD politics and of the African-American community.

"Strange Bedfellows is a page-turning, complex tale of deception, betrayal and sin.  A unique take on the classic L.A. police novel."

- Jonathan Kellerman

"Paula Woods has crafted a winner.  STRANGE BEDFELLOWS takes Detective Justice to a new level as she tries to solve a complicated murder while battling department shrinks and demons from her past.  Paula just keeps getting better… Don't miss this one." - Stephen J. Cannell

"With a diverse array of complex and carefully crafted characters, a plot that keeps up a speed demon's pace, with family secrets, intrigue, therapy, and murder, Strange Bedfellows is a roller coaster of a novel. It's a spellbinding world that the gifted Paula L. Woods has created. Close the door and take a comfortable seat. You've come to the right place." - Bebe Moore Campbell


"STRANGE BEDFELLOWS is an intricate, character-rich police procedural with a thoughtful social spine, and a high water mark in the Charlotte Justice series.  It’s another winner from the sure hand and heart of Paula L. Woods.” - George Pelecanos



"Detective Charlotte Justice is everything you need in a good cop--tough, smart, and as just as her name.  No one captures the glamour and grit of L.A. better than Paula L. Woods.  STRANGE BEDFELLOWS is a compelling addition to her exciting mystery series." - Valerie Wilson Wesley

"Strange Bedfellows is a spellbinding novel by Paula L. Woods...a shining example of why Paula L. Woods is one of the masters of crime fiction."
- Urban Reviews




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